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Marketing Automation improves communication and relationship with your customers


Marketing Automation is the driver of customer value and growth

B2B or B2C, the success of your business is largely determined online. The first contacts with potential customers are made on your platform, supported with chats and emails, and monitored. Actie is response. And if all goes well, it will result in a transaction. Usually online too.
Go for maximum customer value and growth
Sounds simple, but that transaction is preceded by a multitude of processes. As an organization you send out incentives at every stage of the Marketing Funnel. At the ultimate moment and - very important in this age of consumerism - precisely tailored to the current needs and mood of your lead or customer. That process can only be optimally executed and managed by automating crucial parts of it. That is the core of Marketing Automation. As a driver of maximum customer value and growth.
More efficiency, more impact
Marketing Automation can be defined in different ways. At its core, Marketing Automation software automates and makes your marketing efforts smarter with the use of technology. And as that technology becomes more and more intelligent, the potential and impact of Marketing Automation tools reach further and further. You ensure efficiency and consistency in your marketing and sales processes. In addition, with the current generation of Marketing Automation solutions you ensure:
• more cohesion between marketing and sales campaigns;
• better use of customer data and web analyses;
• optimizing and personalizing marketing campaigns, data based;
• more insight into results, more information to make adjustments;
• more conversion.
More efficiency

Automation is primarily aimed at increasing efficiency. That is also the case for marketing and sales. The total management and implementation process becomes so complicated that manual processing is hardly realistic. And then you don't even have to have such a large customer list. Marketing Automation software facilitates, accelerates and improves processes, ensures cohesion and results in consistency.

Profit: more results for less marketing budget

More dates

An additional but essential advantage of automation is that you generate more data. Information about leads and Customer Data. Based on search behavior, online requests, but also on conversations with Customer Service employees. Thanks to Marketing Automation that data is automatically and centrally available. Depending on the software chosen, the data can also be used immediately.

Profit: more information, more synergy

More conversion

Marketing Automation software helps you qualify leads, segment your audience, build customer profiles and personas, and take the customer through the Customer Journey and Marketing and Sales Funnel. You provide prospects and customers with relevant, personalized content at any time. And that content is automatically generated and offered.

Profit: more customer loyalty, more conversion

A lot is happening in the marketing automation software market. Large software houses and niche players are constantly innovating their solutions.
Initially, Marketing Automation focused on automating email campaigns for potential customers, both in the B2B and B2C sphere. Interaction on your website, such as requesting product information or a white paper, automatically generated emails tailored to the request. Today, Marketing Automation does so much more. Depending on the software you choose, the possibilities are limitless.
In principle, with the right Marketing Automation software you can optimize and streamline all marketing and sales activities. You can centralize and then automate various communication, data and customer channels. Real-time interaction on your platform or website, advertising campaigns, social media campaigns, SEO management, every function has its course in your Marketing Automation environment. Integrating your Marketing Automation software with your CRM system increases your effectiveness and efficiency.
The right content for leads and customers. Offered in the right phase of the Customer Journey, through the right channel. Personalized content, automatically generated and distributed. Never again miss opportunities, never again potential customers who drop out because they are offered irrelevant information. Or too much information at irrelevant moments. Marketing, Sales and Customer Services speak with one voice and together ensure the ultimate Customer Experience. With the aim: more conversion, more customer satisfaction, more turnover. In the short and long term.
Too good to be true? Discover the limitless possibilities of the current generation of Marketing Automation Software. Look, compare, choose. Or get advice from one of our community members.

Get maximum efficiency from your marketing and sales budget. Discover for yourself which Marketing Automation software suits your strategy optimal support.

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