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The ultimate mix of expertise in Ecom and IT


Knowledge of technology and the international software world

As an independent community, MARKA.solutions encourages and facilitates the sharing of expertise in digitization and system integration. We provide information and advice based on a clear mission: to provide insight into the international range of Marketing Automation software. Affiliated members bring in the required system knowledge to advise on the integration of various processes that have an impact on the success of your (E-)business.
Our community provides an overview of more than 1000 renowned suppliers of Marketing Automation software. In addition to proprietary product presentations, MARKA.solutions provides relevant information in the form of blogs and news and trend messages.
Where desired, our members are ready for independent advice, making contacts, and conducting contract negotiations. You will also receive professional help on request in drawing up a program of wishes and requirements and we will connect you with reliable, independent automation and implementation specialists.

We know the software and automation market and the challenges of Ecommerce and online marketing. Count on our community, both strategically and operationally.


We make the market of Marketing Automation solutions transparent. This is how we facilitate your selection process. We supplement this with expert and independent advice.


We value a thorough, independent selection. Based on transparent information. But you can also rely on us in terms of implementation. If you want including implementation.

Two know more than one. That simple addition forms the basis for MARKA.solutions. By bundling our knowledge and experience in this community, you can objectively determine which Marketing Automation functionalities have added value for your (E-)business.
The founders and members of our community are passionate about finding technological solutions to specific challenges. We get our knowledge and experience from business and IT practice. We are and remain curious and critical. Based on your wishes and requirements, we share the best practices from the world of Marketing Automation solutions.
The range is growing and is more versatile and refined. Urgent themes in online marketing and sales can be found concretely translated into the most recent Marketing Automation innovations. Think of AI, Mobile Marketing, Big Data, personalization and process optimization. From lead scoring to email management, from social advertising and campaign management to real-time interaction, search management and sharp analyses, with the right Marketing Automation tools you open up a world of opportunities.

With the ultimate, personalized Customer Experience you rise above the average.

Result: more customers, more customer value, more turnover, more continuity.

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With today's customers having almost limitless options from companies to patronize, the importance of strong advertising and marketing campaigns is now greater [...]

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All suppliers on MARKA.solutions turn into free mention. For research and maintenance, we ask suppliers for a voluntary contribution for additional content options. In the overviews we list all suppliers, for an independent comparison of 100%.

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