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act on

Act-on is a complete one Marketing Automation tool that has been developed since 2008. The tool helps companies to organize the entire customer journey with refinement AI controlled features. The solution is mainly intended for companies in the upper middle segment and the corporate market of mainly financial and service providers who can afford a costly solution.

hub spot

Hubspot is one of the fastest growing Marketing Automation current solutions. The success is mainly due to the strategy of offering a basic version for free so that you as a company can experiment before investing in premium options. In addition to being a Marketing Automation solution, Hubspot is also a CRM, Content Management and Service platform.


Selligent is probably the oldest Marketing Automation solution that has also been developed as such. Since 1990, Selligent has been a leader for a wide variety of companies. In addition to the starting functionality of E-mail the solution has grown into a full-fledged, AI-driven Customer Data Platform with a feature richness and intuitive UI that makes many marketers happy.

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