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Empower your E-business with the right Marketing Automation software

Automating and personalizing email campaigns is almost a standard in online marketing. Thanks to Marketing Automation. But software developers are not standing still. The number of providers is growing. The number of solutions grows proportionally and becomes more diverse and versatile.
In addition, Marketing Automation software is available in different usage and service models. The options are large. That makes choosing challenging. Which functions are relevant to your business? How will your marketing and sales strategy develop in the future?
A perfectly fitting Marketing Automation solution, which pays back your investment and increases your impact, starts with a critical analysis of your company-specific marketing and sales ambitions. That is your basis for a journey of discovery through the varied offer. offers that journey, expertly and independently.
Knowledge and insight
Offering knowledge and insight is the key service of As a community of users and automation professionals, we offer suppliers a platform for product presentations. We help you make a selection, compare solutions and compile a shortlist. In addition, we offer support with expert analyzes and independent advice, based on your findings and preferences.
Business-based support
Your selection and decision-making process is preceded by an essential phase. The better you have a picture of your existing marketing and sales structure and related wishes and needs, the stronger you are in selecting the appropriate Marketing Automation software. As a community, we offer you support based on your specific business. We help to identify goals and wishes and provide professional advice.

You are welcome to our community for additional information and a free inventory of wishes and system requirements. We provide insight into software solutions, functionalities and Total Costs of Ownership.


Information on helps match Marketing Automation software packages with specific business needs. Based on your shortlist, we can help you with requests for information (RFI). If desired, we will also support you in your final selection.

Implementation advice/support

Have you made an appropriate choice? Then we can assist you with price and contract negotiations based on our practical knowledge. Professionals from our community can also guide you through the implementation and integration with existing systems.

From inventory and comparison to decision-making and implementation

Together we ensure that Marketing Automation works

Sales and Marketing with more impact and less costs?

The international market of software developers and suppliers with specialist Marketing Automation solutions is as versatile as it is dynamic. It is impossible to map out the benefits of all available software without a total overview. offers that total overview. Transparent and independent.
Ultimate goal: more impact from your sales and marketing activities with less costs.
That's what our community is for.
• More control over costs and results
• More cohesion and consistency in marketing activities
• More management features
• More control over more channels and mobile marketing
• More efficiency in complicated marketing processes
• More diversity and personalization in your target group approach
• More security and compliance
• More interaction, more customers, more conversion, more sales

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