4 powerful AI-enhanced email retargeting strategies in marketing automation

In this age of digital information and technological advancements, the marketing landscape has been dramatically reshaped and taken to the next level. One of the most important developments in the marketing domain is the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize and refine marketing strategies. One key area where AI has had a notable impact is email retargeting – where the system relies on automated algorithms to profile and target customers who have previously shown interest in the products or services offered. This article takes a closer look at the concept of AI-enabled e-mail retargeting and its profound implications for this groundbreaking facet of digital marketing.

Introducing email retargeting

Email retargeting is a marketing technique that aims to get your message back to customers who have already shown interest in your products or services. Technological advancements have taken email retargeting to the next level by integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into the mix. This convergence of AI and email marketing offers the opportunity to dig deeper into customer behavior and their interaction patterns to provide them with a personalized shopping experience. It helps bridge the gap between simple email marketing campaigns and advanced customer-centric approaches. AI has the ability to analyze massive amounts of data in real time, making it a capable asset in email retargeting.

Understanding the concept of AI-enhanced email retargeting

AI-enhanced email retargeting uses machine learning algorithms to interpret user behavior and automate the sending of personalized emails based on triggers and specific customer actions. AI can track and analyze customers' online behavior, which can range from what products they viewed, how much time they spent on certain pages, their previous purchases, and whether they abandoned their shopping cart halfway through. When these insights are packaged in a powerful, relevant email, they can drive customers to return to your site and complete their purchase.

When a customer abandons their cart or otherwise expresses interest without completing a purchase, AI goes to work. It analyzes this behavior, along with the customer's previous browsing and shopping habits, to determine what type of email could convince them to complete their purchase. This isn't just limited to remembering the things they left behind; AI can use a customer's behavior to recommend similar products or offer discounts tailored to their perceived interests.

How does an organization use powerful AI-powered email retargeting strategies? There are four predominant strategies in use today: cart abandonment emails, product recommendation emails, cart abandonment emails, and re-engagement emails.

Powerful AI-enhanced email retargeting strategies

Strategy 1: Shopping cart abandonment emails

When a customer adds an item to their online shopping cart but leaves the website before completing the purchase, this is called shopping cart abandonment. AI-enhanced email retargeting can trigger a personalized email sequence to remind the customer of the items still in their shopping cart. From a study by Barilliance found that sending an email within an hour of cart abandonment can lead to a conversion rate of 20.3%. Furthermore, advanced AI can predict buyer behavior and offer incentives such as discounts, free shipping or a time-limited offer to nudge the customer to complete their purchase.

Strategy 2: Emails with product recommendations

AI systems can analyze a vast amount of data, including past purchases, items viewed, and even items that have been favorited or bookmarked. Using this data, AI can create hyper-personalized product recommendations that are highly likely to interest the customer. Emails with these personalized recommendations can significantly increase click-through rates and overall conversion. Amazon is a good example of a company using this strategy, attributing a large portion of its revenue to its highly personalized recommendation system.

Strategy 3: Browse abandonment emails

When a visitor browses through different products on your website but doesn't add anything to the cart, it can be a sign of interest yet indecisiveness. AI can analyze the visitor's site behavior and subsequent browsing patterns to determine which products or pages he or she is most interested in. It can then send an email highlighting those products to entice the visitor to make a purchase. This is especially useful for companies that sell high-end products that customers typically take time to make a decision about.

Strategy 4: Re-engagement emails

It is not unusual for customers to gradually disconnect from a brand after an initial period of interest. AI can identify such declining engagement patterns and send personalized emails to reignite customer interest. These emails can highlight new products, offer special promotions, or simply remind customers of the value the brand offers. With effective timing and personalization, re-engagement emails can be a powerful way to build customer loyalty and keep your brand top of mind.

Measuring the impact of AI-enhanced email retargeting strategies

With the implementation of these AI-enabled strategies, measuring impact and success becomes crucial to adjust and optimize future campaigns. Artificial intelligence not only helps implement these strategies but also provides detailed analytics and data on campaign efficiency. Key performance indicators (KPIs) such as Click-Through Rates (CTR), conversion rates, bounce rates and ROI must be tracked and analyzed.

AI's ability to combine data from different sources enables comprehensive attribution models, helping marketers identify which strategies work best. As AI continues to learn from every interaction and campaign, these insights will become increasingly accurate and actionable over time. This continuous learning and optimization process defines a significant advantage of AI-assisted email retargeting over traditional methods.


AI-powered retargeting for email marketing is an exceptionally powerful tool for delivering personalized content and staying relevant in the customer journey. These strategies allow brands to reach their customers with the right message at the right time. By harnessing the power of AI, brands can significantly improve the effectiveness of their retargeting efforts and ultimately drive higher conversions. As AI technology continues to develop and improve, there is no doubt that its role in email retargeting will only become greater and more influential.

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