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Real-time segmentation of your customers that you take with you wherever you go.
By connecting RFMcube to your database, you can keep your sales history up-to-date and identify the most important segments of your marketing.
You can improve the effectiveness of all your marketing campaigns
With RFmcube you can identify all the important segments to increase your sales.
RFMcube provides you with an accurate segmentation of your customers' transaction history that provides a detailed view of customer profiles.

Users are categorized according to the following categories: Recency (time since last purchase), Frequency (number of purchases), and Monetary value (total spent).

With RFMcube you can:
Increase your sales
Let your customers shop again: Increase retention rate by just 5% to increase your profits to 75%
Personalization without limits
Choose the right RFM subdivision based on your business goals and set your best marketing strategies for it.
One-click marketing automation
You no longer need expensive and difficult software: by synchronizing the Rfmcube data!