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iContact was created to take the pain out of email marketing campaigns.
Easy-to-use tools help you grow your audience, design beautiful emails, personalize your messages, and automate your communications.
Easily expand your audience
Tools to help you market your business, grow your subscriber lists, and engage with your audience effectively and easily.
Our features
Nice emails
Design and send well-designed emails using responsive templates that look great on any device without being tech savvy.

Personalize and automate
Send relevant and customized messages to your audience at the right time using intuitive personalization and automation tools.

Create the best email with Drag and Drop email builder from scratch or use professionally designed email templates.

Get started easily with hundreds of pre-designed email templates
Access a library of carefully designed templates that look great and are easy to customize to match your brand style.

iContact has all the tools your small business needs to grow your audience and engage with them more effectively.

Collect emails, accept inquiries, and build an audience with purpose-built forms
Start generating prospects, leads, and subscribers from your website and landing pages with unlimited free responsive forms customized to your brand.

Send personalized messages unique to each subscriber
Deliver emails tailored specifically for each segment, so your subscribers get the type of content they want to see.
Automatically send emails at the best time for each subscriber