Direct insight into the international range of Marketing Automation software

With the launch of the knowledge and comparison site, E-marketers and Ecommerce entrepreneurs finally have the online source of information they have been waiting for for so long. The site offers all the tools for important decision making Marketing Automation software. The community shows the complete international range of all relevant suppliers, speeds up and facilitates software comparisons and offers professional support if required. In addition, continues to enrich and update its content.

From fully automated and personalized email campaigns to social media lead targeting and real-time bidding campaigns, with marketing automation the sky is the limit. In fact, entrepreneurs who do not move in the direction in which Marketing Automation is developing at dizzying speed are missing out. Because marketing and commercial customer contacts take place 24/7 through so many different channels that it is impossible to manually maintain control.

More efficiency, more conversion

Customer Data is key in today's multichannel marketing landscape. Thanks to that data, and thanks to super smart algorithms, it is possible to closely follow prospects, leads and existing customers. Marketing Automation makes it possible to guide them through the marketing funnel with relevant marketing impulses at decisive moments and to optimize conversion.
Advanced Marketing Automation systems make every action and move feasible, executable and controllable, at any scale. But with which system do you throw the highest eyes and how do you know whether you really get value for money? After all, the international supply continues to grow and it is virtually impossible to see the wood for the trees. Or rather, it was impossible.

Insight into the international range of Marketing Automation software

Because now there is, the most complete and 100% independent knowledge and comparison site for Marketing Automation software. The information provided is indispensable for Ecommerce and multichannel entrepreneurs who are about to embark on the path to automating online marketing campaigns, as well as for organizations who are dissatisfied with the performance of their existing Marketing Automation environment.
After all, quite a lot has happened since the first systems appeared on the market. Previously, Marketing Automation focused on streamlining large-scale email marketing campaigns. The more advanced systems now cover the complete online marketing arsenal, with Customer Data as fuel. Qualifying leads, segmenting your target group, formulating customer profiles and personas, personalizing emails, banners and advertisements in real time based on search behaviour, what can't you do?

Relevant 24/7, on all B2C and B2B channels

In both the B2C and B2B spheres, Marketing Automation software offers endless features to serve specific target group segments with appropriate information and incentives. In other words: Marketing Automation enables you to be and remain relevant online and to avoid annoyance to potential customers. There is a smart feature for every marketing ambition.
However, when assessing and comparing Marketing Automations software, it is highly questionable whether you need all the features offered. The more versatile and advanced the solution offered, the higher the price you pay for it. That is why it is important to compile a concise list of requirements in advance as a guideline in the selection and decision-making process. By systematically testing the offer on for this, the chance of a successful 'match' between marketing objectives on the one hand and the chosen software on the other is optimal.

Unique Marketing Automation hun for selection and support is an initiative of a growing community of independent digitalization and implementation specialists. Their backgrounds are very different, but they have one thing in common: their passion for and experience with Ecommerce. As a community, offers international software suppliers the opportunity to present their products and innovations in a high-quality environment. More than 150 suppliers are currently participating - well-known brands but also lesser-known niche players.
In addition, the MARKA community encourages knowledge sharing, including in the form of reviews and blogs. In addition, the site offers a range of unique services, such as professional support in identifying wishes and requirements and compiling a shortlist, and advice on issues such as connectivity and integration into existing systems. Even support with contract negotiations and guidance during implementation is possible. But before that happens, the focus is on selecting and investing in a Marketing Automation solution that aligns in all respects with strategic marketing goals and the desired execution. And for that, is the ultimate independent starting point.


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